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Running for weight loss

running weight loss - Running to lose weight is a great method to slim down. However, if you do it wrong, you are able to end up gaining weight instead!

This article explains the key to running for weight loss, you'll be able to spend less time exercising while losing more pounds.

Most people run by maintaining a collection speed for a set period of time. Technically speaking, this method can allow you to use up more calories and shed more pounds pounds. Anyone who's tried to put this technique into practice has probably discovered that it's not quite so easy.

Individuals who run in this fashion for very long periods of time will find their hunger increases. The meals that your body craves are often junk foods or carbohydrates. You'll be negating the benefits achieved by running whenever you consume more calories because this causes increases in weight.

This process is also not very practical. The time is right consuming and your is trained to shut down its fat burning capacity capacity when you quit running during the day.

There does exist, however, another running technique that allows you to run for less time while burning more calories. In addition, even after you're done running during the day, your body will continue to work through the elimination of extra calories. This running technique includes the advantage of suppressing instead of stimulating your appetite.

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is the key to running for weight loss. The way in which this running technique works is that an individual will sprint for smaller intervals of your time with short break periods interspersed throughout those sprint times.

HGH is increased in the body when this method is found in the right way. HGH or Human Growth Hormone aids the body in ridding itself of extra fat. Another benefit of the HGH hormone is it promotes youthfulness.

After you have finished your HIIT exercise routine, your metabolism will continue to function at the same level, eliminating fat in the body for at least eight hours. Suppressing of your appetite and increased HGH production are two benefits of this running technique making it ideal for losing weight.

HIIT is also very versatile and goes well with other types of cardiovascular exercises such as those done both at home and on exercise bikes.